"A National Day of Recognition"

Introducing the MarchOfHonor.Org “A National Day of Recognition”


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MarchOfHonor.Org “A National Day of Recognition” is the vision of a father and son team from a small Connecticut town who have been looking to make a difference for soldiers and their families who have served, and currently serve in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. At March Of Honor Americans regardless of political affiliations or opinions on issues of war and peace can send 1st class mail postcards to President Obama, elected, appointed and respected officials with our MOH message, calling for “A National Day of Recognition”, the March Of Honor.

But that’s not all the March Of Honor seeks to do…These post cards with a powerful message for our National Leadership on behalf of OEF and OIF Soldiers, also serve as individual fund raising machines for 6 Non-Profits the March Of Honor has chosen to raise funds for. Each card at MarchOfHonor.Org has a small price tag ($1.65) for printing and 1st class mail delivery. From this cost, the March Of Honor is able to raise funds for some of the best OEF/OIF non-profits such as WoundedWarriorProject.Org, HomesForOurSoldiers.Org and IAVA.Org

Please take the time to visit the MarchOfHonor.Org, tell your family, friends, co-workers that MarchOfHonor.Org exist and seeks to achieve “A National Day of Recognition” our soldiers and their families so deserve. Visit MarchOfHonor.Org on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites to keep up with the project and help March Of Honor spread the word across this country.

The goal of the MarchOfHonor.Org is to get “A National Day of Recognition” for our Soldiers of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and in the process fund some excellent Non-Profits doing the boots on the ground work. We’re just average Americans looking to pay respect to those who have endured the hardships of deployments and war, Let Your Cards Be Their Voice and join us at MarchOfHonor.Org “A National Day Of Recognition”.

With our Regards and Appreciation,



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