"A National Day of Recognition"

The First Full Week…The March Of Honor Starts to Spread


This is the start of first full week of the MarchOfHonor.Org “A National Day Of Recognition” Campaign. There is lots to do and it’s important that a big thank you is extended to all those who have joined MOH early and started to spread the word about the mission before the country. The March Of Honor has a long road ahead and many exciting but diffiult missions lay down the road  in order to achieve the stated goals.

As the campaign exist now, the next few weeks will be spent reaching out to web and media outlets to tell them about MOH and and let them know how they can help. The Facebook Fan, Group and Profile pages have begun to come alive with almost 200 hundred new members joining the cause and spreading the word. The goal is by the end of the month to have 1000 folks on the Fan page and to use this platform to spread the word. Media outlets both locally and nationally are in the que and preparations are being made to send out materials, point them to the MarchOfHonor.Org and to pick up the phone and start making the calls that matter.

Please visit the March Of Honor website, tell your friends about the MOH and start sending letters to Washington, DC to make America’s politicians, appointed and respected officials aware of the March Of Honor. The idea behind the March Of Honor has always been to build a movement of Americans who support our OEF/OIF Troops and their Families. This is America’s opportunity to jump in behind the soldiers, get them a Day Of Recognition and raise money for some great non-profits that sit on the front lines of Veterans rehabilitation and support programs. Please join us and send your cards today.






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